About Roland Jabbour

Roland Jabbour is a successful Australian businessman and community leader who possesses extensive international trade relations experience and holds several influential leadership positions in his community. Mr. Jabbour currently serves as the Chairman of the Jabbour Holding Group of Companies. This organization manages developments between the Middle East and Australia involving government establishments, private sector businesses, and Australian institutes for higher learning.

In addition, Roland Jabbour is highly dedicated to human rights, as evidenced by his role as Chairman of the Australian Arabic Council (AAC), an organization he founded in 1992. Mr. Jabbour was inspired to form the AAC after witnessing the racism that Australians of Arabic backgrounds experienced during the first Gulf War. The AAC actively campaigns against racism and serves as a consultant group to the community, the media, and the government, also contributing to law reform and government policies.

The AAC is just one of Roland Jabbour’s many altruistic endeavors. He is also the founding Chair of the Darebin Ethnic Communities Council and a founding member of the former Victorian Government Joint-Arabic Standing Committee on Educational Cooperation. Roland Jabbour was appointed Board Member of the Victorian Police and the Community Multicultural Advisory Council. His ongoing efforts to promote tolerance and understanding resulted in his appointment as Justice of the Peace for the State of Victoria, on the recommendation of the Governor General.

Due to his exemplary service in his community, Roland Jabbour has received a number of honors and awards. He received the Australian Medal for the Centenary of Federation on behalf of the Governor General and the Commonwealth of Australia. In 2004, he was nominated for the prestigious Australian of the Year Award.

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